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Pharma Franchise for Multi-Minerals Products  – One of the multi-mineral PCD companies is Bionics Remedies which is expanding rapidly. In the Indian market, PCD Pharma Franchise Business is a well-known business segment. There are a lot of people in India who want to work in the pharmaceutical sector. Our business is involved in manufacturing and supplying a wide variety of Pharmaceutical Formulations. GMP- and WHO-certified manufacturing facilities produce all products. Our business is providing Pharma Franchise for multi-mineral products. We provide genuine products to our customers.

Vitamins and minerals are the basic components of the body, which help in maintaining the physical and mental health of the individual. Many people in our country prefer to use these multimineral products and antioxidant medicines for a healthy life. Thus, operating a PCD franchise business in this sector in any region of India can be very profitable. Hence Bionic Remedies is offering business prospects the best selection of medicines in the form of capsules, tablets, syrups, etc. Call +91 9313600705 to know more about our PCD franchisee services.

Best Multi Mineral Products PCD Company | Bionics Remedies

A pharmaceutical company with ISO certification, Bionics Remedies offers an impressive selection of drugs and other medicines across India. We are a business that offers a wide selection of cost-effective multivitamin and mineral tablets, capsules, and syrups. We are among the top suppliers of pure, safe, and long-lasting Multi-Mineral Products  Franchise in India for several reasons, including:

  • Firstly, Bionics Remedies offers medicines that are manufactured using all reliable ingredients from reputed suppliers in a highly hygienic and sterile manner.
  • Second, we have obtained certification from ISO, GMP, and WHO to produce multi-mineral medicines.
  • As a result, all our medicines are manufactured without adhering to stringent quality control standards and are effective in treating medical issues.
  • Furthermore, Bionics Remedies is effective in providing a wide variety of medicines like multivitamins, and mineral supplements as per the consumer’s demand.

Demand for Multi-Mineral Products in the Indian Market

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the market for vitamins and minerals is expanding significantly globally. In 2020, the global market will grow by about 6%. To strengthen the immune system defense, consumers today are favoring organic and healthier products. The vitamins and minerals market is anticipated to experience revenue growth as a result of increasing awareness about health issues and nutrition.

According to information received from the Indian pharmaceutical industry, the demand for multivitamins and multimineral products has increased by about 13% this year as compared to last year.

Top Health Benefits of Multi-Mineral Products

Boosts Energy Levels – When our body doesn’t meet dietary requirements, we can feel tired and weak. You can regularly supplement with multi-minerals products as prescribed by your doctor. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking a multivitamin helps keep you active and in shape.

Strengthens the immune system – Vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin C, which are known to boost the immune system, are present in all multi-minerals products.

Maintains Heart Health – As a vital organ, the heart must be maintain in good condition. Magnesium, niacin, vitamin K1, and vitamins B1, B2, and B6 all contribute to heart health.

Boosts Eye Health – It helps to enhance your vision and reduce age-relate macular degeneration, which can result in irreversible damage to the eyes.  

Take PCD Pharma Franchise for Multi-Mineral Products

There is a huge demand for multi-mineral products in India and the income is also high. Any individual, interested business owner, job seeker, or individual can invest money in this range and get good returns. For multi-mineral products, Bionic Remedies provides the best Pharma Franchise Services. We are involved in manufacturing, supplying, and marketing premium quality Pharmaceutical franchises for Multi-Minerals at affordable prices for the entire Indian market. You can reach greater heights in the pharmaceutical industry after buying the franchisee for our multi-mineral range. Key features of Bionic Remedies are:

  • adheres to the highest quality standards
  • state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities
  • contamination-free large warehouse
  • Backed by dedicated workforce professionals
  • Implemented quality control and management system, etc.

Listed above are the salient features of the best pharma company for PCD Pharma Franchise for multi-mineral products. Apart from this, the company is popular all over the country because of its transparent dealings, integrity, and simplicity.

Contact Details:

Bionics Remedies (Gujarat.) Limited

Corporate Office: 601, signature-1, Near – Adani CNG Pump, Makarba, S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 380051

Phone: +91 9313600705


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