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Dental Product Franchise – In collaboration with Bionics Remedies, a major pharmaceutical producer, the pharma franchise business for dental products has been launched into new boundaries for you. We offer dental pharma franchises and PCD franchises at reasonable and authentic pricing.

Our manufacturing units have been producing and supplying a diverse variety of Pharma products with world-class quality thanks to our extensive industry experience and government authorities. We use the newest technology and best formulations to meet the market demands and to produce a large volume of dental. Bionics Remedies provides expert ophthalmology PCD franchise services in India to loyal clients and investors.

While providing excellent chances for leading healthcare business growth, we value our relationships with people from all over India and urge them to join our business system. A monopoly-based PCD pharma franchise for the ophthalmic spectrum is available to startups.

Growth perspective of Dental Product Franchise

India, the world’s second-most populous country, is one of the most important markets for ophthalmic products worldwide. In India, dental disorders are quickly spreading. People are also becoming more aware of their dental issues. They are now aware that their grin is important. People are thus more interested in dental consultation and treatment.

These dental drugs treat a variety of issues; including fungal infection, foul breath, rotting tissue, and more. The dental care services market is worth $1.16 billion. A ten percent growth rate is predicted. In our country, there are about 3 lakh dentists and 50 thousand dental experts. So having a dental care business is a smart idea because it will almost certainly deliver a lot of nice returns and a lot of room for expansion in the coming years.

Why Should You Choose Bionics Remedies For Dental PCD Companies Franchise?

Bionics Remedies extends a warm welcome to everyone looking for a genuine PCD Dental Franchise in India. We create, manufacture, supply, and sell a wide range of dental care goods throughout the country since we have a strong footing in the business. In all of the nation’s major towns and villages, we give some of the greatest dental care formulas at the most reasonable prices.

  • You only need to confirm a few details when choosing the top Dental supplier in India. The following are important factors to help you make a decision:
  • Bionics Remedies is an ISO-certified dental product manufacturer. Furthermore, our firm is WHO GMP certified, and all of our products are DGC approved.
  • Our production plant and supply chain have well-deserved recognition in the pharmaceutical industry for product quality, on-time product delivery, and bulk production.
  • Bionics Remedies keeps a close eye on the items’ storage in large warehouses for a prolonged period of time. Having a vast transportation network, we cater to your needs everywhere in India. Under our company’s banner, you may find the best assortment of Dental Care drugs to help you expand in the market more effortlessly.
  • Furthermore, we are presenting the ideal opportunity to become a new supplier, franchisee, sole distributor, or PCD Pharma franchisee in the Dental Range. Furthermore, we give our partners exclusive distribution rights for the dental range in a specified territory.
  • Bionics Remedies are accessible at the most competitive pricing on the market. Rather than imposing sales targets on our partners, we assist them in promoting their businesses. In addition, for business growth, we provide consulting and training.

What kind of customer service do Bionics Remedies provide?

You can reach out to us via phone or email to get more information about our products. The total cost of the deal is confirmed once you have confirmed your product needs, quantity (minimum 500 boxes), location, and delivery time. In order to move forward with production, we’ll require order details on company letterhead. Depending on the client’s business duration with the organization, the documentation and finalization of the contract could take 30-50 days. The techniques listed below are simple and easy to follow when dealing with –

  • The drug department must approve a new customer (1 week)
  • Box preparation, packaging design, and description writing (2-3 weeks)
  • The manufacturing procedure can take 12 to 17 days.
  • Packaging and distribution of the medicine take 6 to 11 days after manufacture is completed.
  • To assure timely delivery of the items, we have a specialized team to manage the production and business process.

In India, the dental product pharma franchise sector has been flourishing. You can achieve great success in this industry and become a successful pharmaceutical company owner. Bionics Remedies gives you a solid foundation on which to build your own business in any part of India at a fair price. So, take advantage of this fantastic opportunity from Bionics Remedies and become a successful dental franchise owner.

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Address: 601, signature-1, near Adani CNG Pump, Makarba, S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-380051

Phone: +91 9313600705


Bionics Remedies

Bionics Remedies dedicated in the same way in the development of pharmaceutical products of own brand throughout India and other developing countries where, meeting the needs of all class of population.