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Derma PCD Company – The most natural accessories that one can have are skin and hair. People are becoming more conscious of the importance of restoring and healing skin and hair wellness in order to achieve flawless beauty. Derma PCD company creates solutions to address skincare issues. In some cases, these businesses also provide unparalleled marketing and distribution rights. In recent years, this company has expanded dramatically.

Dermatology is a branch of medicine that deals with skin, nails, and hair issues and illnesses. These medicines are effective, safe, and result-oriented treatments for acne, yeast infections, rashes, hair loss, and sunburn. The Derma line of cosmetics includes dermatological and medicinal products.

Demand for Derma PCD Company

The Dermatology sector has grown exponentially as a result of globalization and the glamorous world. Because everyone nowadays is concerned about their skin, the Derma & Skincare market in India is large. Derma goods include daily-use medications such as pills, lubricants, soft gels, cleansers, creams, and moisturizers.

In 2022, the Indian dermatology and cosmetics market is predicted to produce $188.2 million in sales, growing at a CAGR of 11.2 percent over the forecast period (2023–2030). The increasing propensity toward expenditure on appearance, the booming shift toward e-commerce, the rising prevalence of skin illnesses, and youth getting older at an early age are all contributing to the market’s rise.

India’s market has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This is largely owing to the quick use of COVID-19 therapy. As a result, dermatological and other non-essential services are being postponed in the majority of hospitals. As per AIOCD, dermatology products, such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, had a 30 percent fall in sales in 2020.

Bionics Remedies

Bionics Remedies is India’s most popular Derma PCD Company. We provide wide list of products for atopic dermatitis, skin breakouts, hair health, hives, athlete’s foot, mouth blisters, nail organisms, and other dermatomes. Our cutting-edge facility is equipped with international-standard hardware and equipment. The Derma Product Range is manufactured with the best-certified machinery and high-quality raw materials.

Bionics Remedies is a unique blend of commendable grade, units, technology, plant, regulation, certifications, and a dedicated team of specialists that has established our reputation among the trustworthy Dermatology PCD Pharma Companies. We provide a diverse and extensive selection of dermatology-related pharmaceuticals, including anti-inflammatory, anti-scar, and anti-infection drugs, among others.

The entire range of dermatology and remedial products is available in a variety of formats, including cases, tablets, drugs, fluid details, oral solutions, and so on. We are essentially a group of specialists and talented individuals that are all dedicated to growth.

Bionics Remedies is performing the errand of pharma products creating a wide range of necessary affirmations for turning becoming the ISO, WHO, and GMP confirmed Derma PCD Franchise Company in order to be the greatest and most reasonable firm in the top Dermatology range organizations. The entire company is excited about feeding the clients and customers.

Reasons for associating with Bionics remedies Derma PCD Company in India

Bionics Remedies features a number of business attributes that can help you succeed and expand in the pharmaceutical industry. Let’s have a look at our professional skills and expertise.

  • Guarantee of excellence
  • Availability of products at all times
  • Products that are affordable
  • 100% monopolized unlimited sales rights in your region with a high rate of return
  • Marketing assistance
  • Various products are available.
  • Best-in-class offer
  • Coordination in cutting-edge manufacturing
  • Our organization is ISO 9001:2015 Compliant.
  • Most dependable shipping services within 24 hours

What does Bionics Remedies offer to its Associates?

Since we focus to support your business growth, you will get unlimited support from us as mentioned below.


The franchisor will have full monopoly rights over his territory. As we all know, monopoly rights are a crucial characteristic that enables you to handle increased market demand and meet the needs of customers.


We give all essential support, such as marketing and promotional materials, to assist the franchise associate in meeting demand at the first stage of marketing when the franchise firm is formed.


We at Bionics Remedies think that the consumer is king. he has the power to dismiss everyone in the firm by paying his bills elsewhere. As a result, offering exceptional service to customers is not only our top priority but also our most important responsibility.


We provide the greatest quality items to our consumers, ensuring their complete happiness. In order to create value for our clients, we are always improving our technologies and development to achieve manufacturing quality and cost competitiveness.

Bionics Remedies supplies the highest-quality derma variety of products to its pharma franchise partners across India to stay in the game and stay ahead. To help its partners face stiff competition, the business grants monopoly-based pharma franchise rights. Because we obtain our derma product range, we are the top Derma PCD Company.

Contact Details:

Bionics Remedies (Gujarat.) Limited

Address: Plot Number – 601, signature-1, Near – Adani CNG Pump, Makarba, S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat-380051

Phone: +91 9313600705


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Bionics Remedies

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